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Our Mission

Beat the Streets – San Francisco Bay Area aims to provide a supportive forum for girls and boys to build their discipline, self-esteem, develop their personal motivation, and cultivate a can-do attitude through the sport of wrestling. Beat the Streets – San Francisco Bay Area lives by the motto:

“Anyone can wrestle, and 
everyone who wrestles is a winner.”

Beat the Streets - San Francisco

Beat the Streets - San Francisco/Bay Area is expanding.  What you see here is a brand new website that allows BTS to pivot more quickly and keep the information more timely.

There will an expanded Board of Directors and that announcement will be made shortly.  This will allow BTS to improve its outreach to the bay area communities we serve.

San Francisco Middle Schools in the program include Aptos, Francisco, Everett, Visitacion Valley, Willie Brown and Presidio.  Marin Middle Schools are White Hill, Hamilton and Venitia Valley.  We have had inquiries from the Peninsula  regarding  inclusion in BTS

The program is open to 5th-9th grade aged girls and boys and is free to participate.  The program leverages the acquisition of basic wrestling skills, teamwork and goal setting in order to help kids achieve positive results in life, on and off the mat. Wrestling is the means, not the end.

Beat the Streets – San Francisco/Bay Area teaches children critical life skills including health, nutrition, physical fitness, emotional stability and resilience, and confidence.

Wrestling stands alone in the pantheon of sport as the world’s oldest, most basic, and perhaps most beautiful due to its simplicity: two humans, no equipment. An emotionally, mentally, and physically demanding sport, wrestling engages the athlete in a unique way.

Chris Feder

Executive Director Beat the Streets - San Francisco

Phone: 415-485-0663

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